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Unfinished Nazism

Genesis, Transformations and Related Phenomena

Aleksandr Shchipkov

Aleksandr Shchipkov. «Unfinished Nazism. Genesis, Transformations and Related Phenomena» (PDF, En)

The book «Unfinished Nazism» presents the progression of Nazism and associated racism within a historical framework. Aleksandr Shchipkov compares early colonialist manifestations of Nazism with classical Hitlerite Nazism and contemporary Atlanticist Nazism. The author regards the British model of the phenomenon as fundamental, highlighting various aspects of «Protestant ethics» and Puritan religiosity as influential factors in its development. Nazism and racism are depicted not merely as political ideologies, but as integral components of Modern European culture. Positioned not in the rearguard, but at the vanguard of the development of modernist capitalist society, they are shielded by the «protective belt» of liberal ideologemes. The author underscores that Nazism, racism, and neoliberalism share common axiological foundations, rooted in myths of superiority and technocratic dehumanization of individuals. Their dominance within the global ideological context forecloses independent developmental prospects for many peoples.


2024 год