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Traditionalism, Liberalism and Neo-Nazism In the Current Political Space

Aleksandr Shchipkov

© А. V. Shchipkov
Translated from Russian by Englica
Translators: Julia Zimarskaya and Jay D. Evick

The struggle for history, rewriting of history and "normalization" of history have become trends of recent years amid the dynamically changing state of socio-politics. One of the most sensitive aspects, which has to now be dealt with in the framework of new evaluations of historical concepts and current politics, is the theme of fascism and neo-fascism. Until recently, the phenomenon of fascism was considered the subject of nothing but historical studies. However, global events of the early 21st century make it clear that this subject has not become a historical throwback. The mythology of neo-fascists, as well as the course and methods of their actions, remains the same to a certain degree. Nevertheless, some things have significantly changed. The book by Aleksandr Shchipkov, the Russian public figure and political scientist, is devoted to the analysis of neo-fascism as a modern phenomenon.


2016 год